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A Day At The Skybound Coffee + Dessert

A Day At The Skybound Coffee + Dessert

Hi guys, this is your neighborhood barista. I just wanted to share one crazy night here at Skybound coffee dessert lough.

It's was around 6 6:30 pm at Skybound when I had a lovely couple from Alabama come in. They must have been in there mid 20's and they were out here for a couple of classes. Me being me I asked what classes they had to come to California for and to my surprise they answered.

There answer? Acrobatic circus yoga.

Now I don't kno...

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Latte Art, Methods & Styles

Latte Art Coffee Shop in San Diego

Latte, also known as milk Chaffee, wiener melange, or grand creme, is a drink made by mixing espresso and steamed milk. Unknown to many people, there are differences between a latte and a cappuccino starting from the milk content to the foam thickness. Lattes are said to have originated from Italy. They are ideally taken for breakfast only, but were not rules made to be broken? Guilty pleasure! For quality Expresso & Lattes in Downtown, you want to have those brewed to perfe...

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Sunday Brunch for the Rooster Chinese New Year

Sunday Brunch Downtown San Diego

There is a case for a Sunday brunch that will lift your spirits and get your day started off the right way! Skybound Coffee provides a Sunday brunch experience that is perfect for both locals to the Downtown San Diego area and visitors alike.

Our exquisite local coffee shop located on the corner of Front and Market provides an all day long brunch...

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Quality AND Convenience

Quality AND Convenience

Many people think they have to choose between quality and convenience. Should I get a great cup of coffee OR should I get coffee and get to work quickly?

If you're one of those people, I have a message for you:

Those days are OVER!

Technology is changing industry after industry and coffee is no exception. A small startup like us is able to provide our guests with mobile ordering (online ordering), through our website skyboundcoffeedessert.com. With a mobile...

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The Case for Specialty Coffee

The Case for Specialty Coffee

What's the big deal? Coffee is just coffee, right?

Well, no. There are a lot of fundamental differences between specialty coffee and regular ol' industrial coffee. Specialty coffee represents the top 3 percent of the world's coffee production, whereas Commercial Grade is the other 97 percent. In the quick pace of a coffee shop, there's not enough time for these types of discussions, which is why I would like to go in to more detail in this article.

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