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A Day At The Skybound Coffee + Dessert

A Day At The Skybound Coffee + Dessert

Hi guys, this is your neighborhood barista. I just wanted to share one crazy night here at Skybound coffee dessert lough.

It's was around 6 6:30 pm at Skybound when I had a lovely couple from Alabama come in. They must have been in there mid 20's and they were out here for a couple of classes. Me being me I asked what classes they had to come to California for and to my surprise they answered.

There answer? Acrobatic circus yoga.

Now I don't know about you but i have never heard of that before in my life. From what they said they both got into yoga about a year ago and they where at the point in there life where they wanted to kick it up a notch. It sounded pretty impressive. What happened next was impressive too. So they guy was like "Want to see something cool?" Who doesn't want to see something cool right? So they guy gets in front of the register and then bowed his knees with his right foot forward and then put his hands in a prayer formation. While he's doing that his lady started to stretch and then began to climb on him like a tree. She wasn't done there, she then takes her left foot and stands on his right knee while she puts her right foot and puts it behind his head. So she's now standing on him in the air and let's go of both her arms. She ended up leaning back only supported by her legs and spreads her arms out away from him looking like shes a backwards halo back. I can honestly say they looked great. It was like watching a live statue of art form in Skybound. They were awesome. I think its so cool to live in a place where stuff like that happens. I'll chalk that up to another crazy night at Skybound Coffee + Dessert Lounge.

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