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Quality AND Convenience

Quality AND Convenience

Many people think they have to choose between quality and convenience. Should I get a great cup of coffee OR should I get coffee and get to work quickly?

If you're one of those people, I have a message for you:

Those days are OVER!

Technology is changing industry after industry and coffee is no exception. A small startup like us is able to provide our guests with mobile ordering (online ordering), through our website skyboundcoffeedessert.com. With a mobile phone or computer, you can order from home or anywhere with internet access, then drive to our store and pickup your order. You skip the line to place your order, the time it takes to pay, and it saves 10 minutes of waiting for your order. This means in all but rare cases of extreme business, your order will be ready when you arrive. You pick it up under the "mobile orders" sign and be on your way in under a minute. Now compare that to waiting in line at the drive thru. Most morning rush hour times, there's a lot of cars in front of you. So you get to sit there and inhale that exhaust instead.

skybound = the EVOLUTION of coffee!

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